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  There used to be no electric shakers, but now there are stirring shakers. Because protein powder is something that fitness people often drink. People who exercise or don’t have heard of it. Many people who are just exercising always feel that it is necessary to drink protein powder. If they don’t drink, their health will suffer greatly.

  However, the traditional helimix shakes the bottle and drinks the protein powder, either stirring it with a spoon or shaking it by hand. Too many inconveniences. If you want to drink protein powder after working out, you have to find a tool or go to the gym to shake it by hand. It was really embarrassing to accidentally spill the liquid. At this time, a special electric stirring bottle for stirring was born.

  I use plastic shake bottles almost every day. I recently bought a new one because I ended up dropping the blender’s shaker so hard that it damaged something on the motor base. I put it in the trunk of the plane and put the sack in the back seat of the car. If I were a little more careful, I wouldn’t need a new one because the voltrx shaker is very durable. This is the longest lasting sports related purchase I’ve ever made.

  This is a micro-turbine. The electric protein bottle is so powerful it fights my vitamin mix. Press the button and let the electroprotein shake for 20 seconds. There are no lumps in my protein powder. As some dummies have said, there is no problem with the charging cover. Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to mix and fast charging. Don’t hesitate.

  The Voltrx protein shaker robot is easily nested in the helimix shaker robot, so even if the electric protein shaker robot leaks, the electric protein shaker robot will leak into the shaker robot. Mixed partitions that I don’t want to combine ahead of time are a cool option, but electric protein shakers don’t exist (yet).