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  The Voltrx Electric Protein Shaker is quieter than a shaker with a spherical stirrer, and the stirrer motor can be charged. I only put in powder and jam. Ice or other hard or insoluble thing s are not recommended.

  I’ve been using the blender every day for two weeks. Highlights: Excellent.

  RPM. This thing is a monster that can cut through thicker powders. The caveat here is that most of the proteins I’ve used so far have mixed so strongly that the water level has risen dramatically. If you put everything down and cover to mix, no problem.

  Another effect of strong RPM is that it produces a lot of foam and most of my drinks. I tend to fix this by adding water first and then pouring in the protein slowly. No points, you definitely want a good engine.

  I really like this battery powered blender, this is my fourth or fifth rechargeable shaker. I use the voltrx blender shaker at least 5 times a week and buy a pair as a gift.

  The electric egg shaker is very durable considering the small blender is thin plastic, but I take great care when cleaning the egg white shaker. I’ve been through some of them because some of them end up being distributed. I keep a voltrx quality shaker in my lunch bag every day.

  The quality of the shaker bottles is unmatched. I’ve tried almost all vibrators and this is the most important. Very easy to clean. Even the consecutive cups are cleverly designed. Some helimix shaker bottles are attached to the bottom, which makes the shaker too large to fit in the bag. This one is posted in an electric shaker! The overall product is great!