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  I bought this plastic shake bottle specifically for whipping protein shakes because I was tired of my old shake mixer bottle that inevitably left lumps in every shake I made. This electric protein shaker eliminates nearly all lumps and provides a smooth texture. So far I’ve only used almond cow cheese protein or regular egg whites with great results.

  The Vortex Protein Shaker is also easy to clean. I just fill the cup about 3/4 full with warm water, turn it on, and add detergent. Eddie actually did most of the work for me. I doubt I can go back to regular vibrators at this point. Found this. Absolutely perfect! No spilling, no shaking, just click the button and let it spin for a minute or two! Much more expensive than regular bottles, but worth the investment.

  I have been using the electric shaker every day for two weeks. Highlights: Excellent. These shakers are very expensive in look and feel. High quality voltrx electric protein shaker.

  So I’ve been using a popular protein shake brand, but one of my biggest problems is that I keep forgetting an electric shake cup for a protein shake that mixes water and egg whites. Not only that, but some flavors are always a little lumpy. Read the reviews and since this vortex mixer is new, I decided to give it a try.

  Some of the complaints were about charging issues and mug power outages. Now, if the battery dies, surprisingly, the voltrx shaker will lose power, just like the phone screen dims to save power when the battery is in Fritz state. I have no charging problems.

  I make sure to finish before the battery runs out. Whenever I do, we regain our full strength! It’s no big deal if the electric shaker loses its charm, because the glass shaker still works.

  The sports shaker does leave a very small amount of residue on the sides of the powder. Personally I don’t think this is a big deal. The instructions are simple. Make sure you follow them. I also know this protein powder shaker is not a blender. It doesn’t have the blades and all the happy jazz for cutting fruit or frozen food.